Ep39 Angela Poll @losingforhealthandaguccibelt
February 22, 2024

Ep39 Angela Poll @losingforhealthandaguccibelt

In this episode of BariDiaries, join us as we dive into Angela Poll's remarkable journey through bariatric surgery and the profound impact it has had on her life. Angela shares her candid experiences, from the initial decision to undergo surgery to navigating the challenges and triumphs along the way. 🌟 Angela opens up about her realization that bariatric surgery was a viable option for her, thanks to a center of excellence conveniently located in her hometown. With determination and support, she embarked on the transformative journey towards a healthier lifestyle. 🍽️ Discover the ups and downs of post-surgery life as Angela and CeCe Chancellor candidly discuss struggles with overeating, food allergies, and the mental hurdles of self-perception. Through their honest conversation, listeners gain insight into the complexities of navigating life after bariatric surgery. 💡 But it's not all about the challenges; Angela also shares invaluable wisdom and advice for those considering or undergoing bariatric surgery. From prioritizing self-care to embracing individual journeys without comparison, her words resonate with listeners on a profound level. Join us as we celebrate Angela's resilience, courage, and unwavering determination to live her best life post-surgery. Whether you're on a similar journey or simply seeking inspiration, this episode promises to uplift, enlighten, and empower. Tune in to Episode 39 of BariDiaries and embark on a journey of discovery, transformation, and endless possibilities!

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