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Welcome to BariDiaries, a community of fellow bariatric patients who embrace and celebrate you at every stage, fostering meaningful connections along the way.


Creating conversations, sharing stories, and supporting you.

Our founder CeCe Chancellor has created a safe space for bariatric patients stepping into their healthiest self. Known for her candid dialogue and heartfelt advice, CeCe will have you smiling as she guides patients through the ups and downs of their stories. Like a warm hug from a good friend, the BariDiaries Podcast will keep you feeling connected and inspired about the transformation in your life.


Bringing Support Through Community.

We believe in the sacredness of a fireside chat and the healing power of happy hour, so coming together for in-person events is core to our community. Our transformative events are designed to unite those who share many of the same lifelong struggles. We produce live podcast events and self care retreats, and we’re always looking for exciting ways to cultivate community on and offline. Through live connection, our aim is to bring together WLS patients so we can form lifelong friendships and bonds.

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