Ep7 Monica Garcia @moniavsg
December 31, 2021

Ep7 Monica Garcia @moniavsg

I had the privilege of interviewing Monica @_monicaweaver_ about her WLS journey, and her coaching service that she offers and with over 20 years post-op from bariatric surgery. Monica shares her struggles and heartfelt mistakes, so that we can learn from them and be successful in our bariatric journey. She’s an amazing teacher who wants to see us all succeed and lose the weight that brought us here in the first place, free of diet culture and pitfalls. Listen in this week to hear the rest of the story. The BariDiaries podcast is a weekly show where your host, CeCe, and guests share their most intimate insecurities, bariatric stories and battle with obesity. Join us to as we navigate through life after weight loss surgery together.

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