Ep5 Desiree Hulse @desireehulse_vsg
December 11, 2021

Ep5 Desiree Hulse @desireehulse_vsg

Welcome to another episode of the BariDiaries Podcast with your host, CeCe! Today, we have the pleasure of chatting with the amazing Desiree Hulse, a fresh two-week post-op weight loss surgery patient who is just starting to implement soft foods into her diet. Desiree shares her experience of acclimating to her new lifestyle and way of eating, as well as learning how to make food modifications and maintain willpower with her husband and older children in the home, who have different eating styles. She gives us insights into how to stay successful and remain focused on our health and wellness goals. In this episode, Desiree also discusses the importance of choosing the right surgery and how family support can make all the difference. She shares her personal journey towards self-care, including positive mantras that have made a difference in her mindset, such as "I'm choosing me, this is my year for me" and "Eat to live, not live to Eat." We also dive into how Desiree's personal relationship with her husband is changing along with her mindset, and she shares her excitement about what's to come. Her inspirational bariatric story is sure to leave you feeling motivated and inspired on your own journey towards wellness.

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